Taudaha Lake


Taudaha Lake

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Country: Nepal

Location: Kathmandu

Lake type: Fresh Water

Coordinates: 27.6487°N 85.2820°E

The name “Taudaha” is the combination of two Newari words i.e. “Ta” which means snake and “Daha” which means lake. Taudaha Lake is in the edge of Kathmandu district, the capital city of Nepal. It is a small lake. It is the oldest as well as one and only natural Lake of Kathmandu. The lake is located at Kirtipur Municipality of Kathmandu. At present, it occupies an area of about four hectors with a depth of about five to ten meter. This lake is uneven in shape with eight corners and situated at an altitude of 1350 m above sea level.The preservation of the pond full of Natural beauty spread in Eighty Two Ropanis of land is being undertaken by the Taudaha Conservation Committee. According to the mythological belief, a Buddhist mythical character ‘Manjushree’ cut the Southern Hills of the Kathmandu Valley and drained off the water of the valley for human settlements. During that period, countless snakes, mythological creatures that were half human and half serpent. This made the King of Naga, Karkotak, extremely angry. In order to reduce his anger, the local people near Taudaha built underwater palace for him. He promised to protect the locals around the lake on the condition that the tranquility of his water abode never disrupted. Due to this reason, even today, locals or any people who visit this place, don’t swim or fish in the lake and even don’t care about the dead fish of the lake. The lake has a great Ecological, Cultural, religious as well as economic importance. The lake is surrounded by Green Ecological Area. Some of the domestic animals were also seen Grazing there. The constructed walls can be seen around Lake which was built to protect lake from the foreign chemical waste and other pollutants to keep it away from pollution. Taudaha Lake is one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu. It is also popular for bird watching during winter season. Since, approximately one hundred twenty species of migratory and residental Birds are found around the Lake. This place is developed as one of the best destination for Internal Tourism where people can refresh themselves after a long work and tiredness. Some Buddhist monks also come to worship at the lake. The lake also consists of biological elements such as presence of dragonfly which indicates the good quality of water. Besides these, the lake has great chance of conduction of some outdoor activites like cycling but the negative impacts of such activites should be well analysed in order to keep the lake in its original condition.

The shape of the Pond is to be similar to the shape of Kathmandu valley. All the parts of the lake are to be seen from any corner of the Lake. There is a popular belief that a person who takes the soil, stones and other objects from around the lake for one´s own personal use is harmed, and snakes also trouble them. People also believe that one´s wishes are fulfilled, one will not catch disease if the serpent king living in the pond is pleased by worshiping the pond. The serpent king Karkotak of Taudaha has a harmonious relationship with the Naga of Panauti in Kavre District, about thirty five kilometers from Kathmandu. The Tradition of attending both the fairs of these places by people is still intact.


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