Surya Binayak Temple

Country: Nepal

District: Bhaktapur

Coordinates: 27°39’22”N 85°25’24”E

Surya Binayak Temple is a Hindu Temple in Nepal. It is Located in Bhaktapur District of Nepal.  The Temple is believed to have been originally built over 1500 years ago. The Temple was built in the time of the Lichhavi King Vishnu Dev Barma. The Temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Ganesh. The Temple is a Historical and cultural Monument and Tourist Centre.

The Temple is situated on a Hillock South of Bhaktapur. The Suryavinayak Temple is one of the four popular shrines of Lord Ganesh in the Kathmandu valley. The Temple is also known as the Temple of the rising sun. The Temple is situated in the Surya Binayak Area, south of the ancient city of Bhaktapur. It is one of the four most important Temples of Lord Ganesh in the valley. Ganesh is one of the most popular Hindu Gods who is worshiped at the beginning of any auspicious events and occasions. He is also considered as the God of literature, wisdom and worldly success and his head symbolizes the soul while his body symbolizes the earthly existence. Though the main Temple is small, the Temple of Surya Binayak is one of the most beautiful Temples of Lord Ganesh in Nepal and also the location of the Temple has added to its beauty. The open area and smells of fresh air, incense sticks and nature. The Temple area is large and wide and there are two pavilions opposite to the statue made for conducting ceremonies like marriage and many others. The numerous mirrors offered to the God by the devotees hanging around the Temple are one of the interesting things. It is one of the must visit Temples in Kathmandu.

The Temple of Surya Binayak is the most famous among the four Binayak Temples of the Kathmandu Valley. It was established in the medieval era and is named Surya Binayak because of the fact that it is situated on the Eastern side of the Kathmandu Valley. The Temple was renovated during the reign of King Mahendra and prior to King Surendra, in 1833 AD. It made an offering of the big bell at the Temple. Surrounding the Temple is a small beautiful forest. The people from all over the Valley come and picnic. At the Top of the hill, a steep flight of stairs leads up. The place is holy and it is said to be that all of our sorrows and pains would wash away.


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