Country: Nepal

Zone: Narayani

District: Chitwan

Coordinates: 27°34’29”N 84°29’37”E

Sauraha is the most important Tourist destination in Nepal. Sauraha is located at Bacchyauli village in the Eastern part of Chitwan District and is famous for observation of various wild animals and birds. The Chitwan National Park, rich in natural beauty and bio diversity has become one of the most popular destinations for Tourist.  Sauraha is one of the most attractive Tourist hubs in Nepal. Located in the Terai, this place is well known for Chitwan National Park. The place is one of the first and most famous National Parks in Nepal. It is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is exclusively renowned for its protection of One Horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger and Gharial Crocodile. Moreover, this park shelters over 932 square km of forests, wetland, and flowing grassland, and is home to significant wildlife populations. The village is the eastern gateway to the nearby and large Chitwan National Park, that protect is part of the Terai Duar Savanna and grasslands Ecoregion.

The rare great one horned Rhino, Leopards, exclusive Tigers, and many other rare and unusual animals and bird one can either roam around in elephant back or take nature walks through the jungle. Similarly, a jungle jeep drives through the park and boat ride down the river can also be done to see one horned Rhinoceros and follow Tiger tracks through the thick jungles. These adventurous activities are enough to make ones trip one unforgettable and gratifying Trip of owns life.

It is the Eastern gateway to Chitwan National Park and jungle safaris for budget. It is still small village that caters to the needs of the visitors to Chitwan National Park, the best known safari park in Nepal. The Chitwan National Park is home to Bengal Tigers, Rhinoceroses, Bears, Leopards, Crocodiles and Monkeys among others, and hundreds of species of Birds and Butterflies. The village of Sauraha is separated from the National Park by the Rapti River, which is safe to swim. During the dry season one can wander the sand dunes of the Shrunken River. It is possible to walk for miles along the mud roads west, north and east of the village to other, rural Tharu villages.

Sauraha offers altitude of activities suited for the entertainment of the Tourist. It is possible to observe different wild animals and birds in the Natural forest of the Chitwan National Park by riding an elephant or vehicle. The adventurous jungle walk, Elephant Ride, jeep safari, Canoe Ride, Tonka Ride, Tharu cultural program, Camel Ride, Elephant bath, observation of wild life trophy exhibition, views of sunrise and sunset are the major Tourist activities available in Sauraha.

Sauraha is famous for the study and observation of the indigenous Tradition and Cultural heritage of Sauraha. The Bachhyauli village considered the tourist heart of Sauraha reminds of both sides.  The new visitors are amazed by the number of attractive Tourist places. The climate is surprisingly clean and cool despite being located in the middle of Terai. Elephant race, bullock art race, Tonka race, Canoe race and elephant football competition are organized in Sauraha for Tourism promotion every year.


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