Rupa Tal

Country: Nepal

Location: Kaski

Lake Type: Fresh Water

Surface Area: 1.35 sq km

Maximum Depth: 6 m

Average Depth: 3m

Catchment Area: 30 sq km

Coordinates: 28°8’55”N 84°6’40”E

Pokhara is beautiful city which is located 200 Km west of Kathmandu Valley. Pokhara, often called as a piece of heaven, is a beautiful city of Nepal blessed by Nature. This is the second largest city of Nepal. It is the valley at an elevation of 827 m above the sea level. The Beauty of Pokhara valley doesn’t need any description as is speaks itself with surrounding stunning snow capped Mountains, Lakes, Hills and several villages. Pokhara Tour takes one to some of the Prime attraction like Phewa Lake, beautiful Mountains, Vistas, Davis Fall, Temples, villages and much more. But among them Rupa Lake is also one of the beautiful place in Pokhara.

Rupa Tal is a Lake which is located in the Nepal. It is located at an Elevation of 627 meters above the sea level. Rupa Lake is the most existing and most magical Lake in the Pokhara. Rupa Lake lies in the Rupakot. Rupa Lake is the freshwater Lake in Nepal. The Lake is elongated north to south and is fed by perennial streams. The main inflow of water is from Talbesi Stream. It supports number of Flora and Fauna species. In Nepal 193 water birds found in Nepal. Among them only 19 percent of birds are recorded in the Rupa Lake.

Rupa Lake is the one of the main Tourism attraction of Pokhara. Rupa Lake is also famous for fish farming. Rupa Lake is separated by the Pachabhaiya Ridge from Begnas Tal. Rupa Lake is situated at an altitude of about 600m and covers an area of 1.12 sq km running along from North to South. The average depth of the Lake is 3.0m and maximum water depth is 4.79m. Its water holding capacity is 3.1 million cubic meter. Rupa Lake is the third biggest lake in Pokhara valley.

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