Rara National Park

Location: Nepal

Area: 106 sq km

Established: 1976

District: Mugu and Jumla

Governing body: Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation

Coordinates: 29°30’40”N 82°03’02”E

Rara National Park lies in Mugu and Jumla Districts of Nepal. Rara is the smallest National Park in Nepal. It contains Nepal’s biggest lake with a surface of 10.8 square kilometer. The largest Lake situated at an altitude of 2990m from the sea level. It might be the scenically most beautiful Lake of Nepal. The National Park protects diverse vegetation that is representative for the Central Himalaya. The Park is surrounded by Blue Pines, Oaks, Rhododendron, Black Juniper, West Himalayan spruce and Himalayan cypress.

The main feature of this National Park is the presence of Rara Lake which is the country. Rara Lake is defined as an iridescent gem set in the ring of snow peaks by most of the visitors. The altitudinal elevation of the park Ranges from 1800m to 4048m. Annually two hundred Tourist visit this magical place to discover the diverse range of flora and fauna and to witness the scenic beauty which it has got. This park was established to shelter the exclusive flora and fauna of the Humla and Jumla Region.  The park dominantly contains coniferous forest and is dominated by blue pine, Black Juniper, West Himalayan Spruce, Oak, Himalayan cypress and other. At an altitude of 3,350m pine and spruce make way to fir, oak and birch. Deciduous species of trees such as Indian hours chestnut, walnut and Himalayan popula can also be seen in the Park. Park also provide habitat for wide Range of wild animals which include Himalayan Black Bear, Leopard, Goral, Himalayan Thar and Wild Boar. Some parts of the park serve as the ideal habitat for Musk Deer. Snow trout is only the fish species found here. Local Gallinaceous birds and migrant waterfowl come under the interest of the visitors. The great crested Grebe, black necked Grebe, Red crested pochard are some species of birds which are witnessed only in winter. Other common birds found here are Snow Cock, Chukor Partridge, Impeyuan Pheasant, Kalij Pheasant and blood pheasant. The lake is home to three species of Snow trout, two endemic in Nepal and one existing only in Rara. The Red Panda and the Himalayan Black Bear are also found in the surrounding forests. In winter, the Lake is an important staging point for migratory birds which makes it indispensible for the ecosystem of the whole Region.

Rara National Park is one of the most attractive eco-tourism spot in Nepal with rich in biodiversity, Natural Beauty and rich-in-culture. Rara Lake of Nepal is the Largest and deepest Lake with crystal clears water and free from any pollution. One of the objectives of Rara National Park is to promote eco-Tourism to uplift livelihood of local natives. There are various Tourism related activities that can be held at Rara National Park and its proposed Buffer Zone. The Park has enormous Tourism resources. Largest and deepest Lake of Nepal, High Himalayan Ranges, valleys and villages, unique landscape and cultural heritage, numerous Tourism spots and Trekking Routs, High value vegetations and endangered wild animals are the main attraction of the park.

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