Country: Nepal

Zone: Gandaki Zone

District:  Kaski

Area: 464.24 sq km

Water: 4.4 sq km

Coordinates: 28°15’50”N 83°58’20”E

Pokhara is the famous Tourist destination of Nepal. It is seek of Natural Beauty and adventure. It is located 200 km west of the capital Kathmandu. It occupy an area of 464.24sq km. it is nine times larger than Kathmandu. Pokhara is the Headquater of Gandaki Zone and Kaski District. Pokhara is the Largest city of Nepal in terms of area. The altitude varies from 827m in the southern part to 1740 metres in the North. Pokhara lies on an important old trading route between China and India.

The Eastern Pokhara valley receives Irrigation water through a canal running from a reservoir by the Seti in the North of the city. The valley is approximately divided into four to six parts by the rivers Seti, Bijayapur, Bagadi, Phusre and Hemja. The Gogre through which the river flows is crossed at five places. The K I singh Pul, Mahendra Pul and Prithivi Highway Pul lies from North to South of the city. The city is surrounded by the hills overlooking the entire valley.

Phewa Lake was slightly enlarged by damming which poses a risk of silting up due of the inflow during Monsoon. The outflowing water is partially used for Hydropower Generation. The power plant is about 100m below at the bottom of the Phusre Khola Gorge. The lake is currently being encroached upon by invasive water Hyacinth.

Pokhara is also known to be a popular Tourist Destination. The Tourist District is along the North shore of the Phewa Lake. Most of the upscale and starred hotels are on the southern shore of Phewa Lake. To the East of Pokhara Valley, Begnas Lake, Rupa Lake, Khaste Lake, Maidi Lake, Neurein Lake, Dipang Lake are the seven small Lakes of Pokhara. Begnas Lake is known for its fishery projects. Pokhara has become a major Tourist Destination. It is considered as the Tourism capital of Nepal in South Asia. Tourism and Hospitalities industry are the major contribution to the economy. Tourism is a major source of Income for local people and the city as well. The city promotes two major hilltops as viewpoints to see the city. International Mountain Museum, Pokhara Regional Museum, an Enthnographic Museum, Annapurna Natural History Museum are the Museum of Pokhara. But among them International Mountain Museum in Ratopahiro is to boost the city’s Tourism attraction. The city has recently been adorned with a bungee jumping site, Water Touch Bunjee jumping. Pokhara is the major Tourism hub in Nepal. Since, thousands of Tourists visit Pokhara every year and Majority of people involved in the Tourism sector. Annapurna Region, Everest Region, Langtang Region, Manaslu Region, Rara/Jumla Region and Kanchanjanga/Makalu Region are the major Trekking Region of Pokhara.

The modern commercial city centres are at Chipledhunga, New Road, Prithivi Chowk and Mahendrapul or Bhimsen Chowk. Many Mandeval era Temple are part of the city. The universal instrument used in the Nepalese music include the Madal, Bansuri, Saarangi are the instrument which are prominent features of the Tradition folk music in Pokhara. Pokhara is well connected to rest of the country through permanent road and air links.


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