Country: Nepal

Zone: Bagmati

District: Kabhrepalanchok

Total Area: 118 sq km

Coordinates: 27°35’N 85°31’E

Panauti is situated in the Kavrenpalanchok District of Nepal. It is Located in the Bagmati Zone. Panauti is one of the Oldest Towns in Nepal. It consists of many Temples that are still present till the day. Panauti was founded by Ananda Malla. It is believed that there is a Golden Scripture. The Town was founded by  the King Hari Singh Dev. Panauti was founded Independently as time went on the influence of Bhaktapur increased and later became part of Bhaktapur up until the 18th century in 1763.

Panauti Jatra is known as the Chariot Festival. It takes place every year in Panauti. Panauti is situated in the confluence of two main rivers i.e Koshi and Punyamati. The River has been regarded as an important Religious Site. It is also believed that the rivers are sacred places. It is believed that Lilawati Rivers creating Tri junction and is historically known to have remarkably enhanced Nepali religious sanctity and poplarity especially in Panauti. The confluence of these three rivers is an important Pilgrimage Site. The Piligrimages from India and Nepal visit the place.  The Roshi and Punyamati Rivers are believed to be situated on one single rock. It is a Historical Newar Town that is one of the oldest in the Kathmandu valley.

Most of the Temples, Monuments and Community shelters are made and beautifully carved wooden columns. The Temples have Gilded Roofs and wide Courtyards. The remnants of the Ancient Durbar Square are still present in the Town centre. Panauti, Malpi, Taukhal, Subbagaun, Sunthan, and Khopasi are the six villages which are combined in Panauti. The main Ethnicities here are that of Newars, Brahmins and Chettris and Tamangs. The first are dominant thus, Panauti is rich in Newari culture, with many of its festivals similar to those of Kathmandu while some are unique with a completely local character. Twenty eight different festivals are celebrated every year, with some of the more unique ones being. One of the largest Temples is the three storied Temple of Indreshwar Mahadev which stands at the center of a courtyard paved with brick. Its architecture is an excellent example of Newari craftsmanship as are those of Krishna Temple, Unmata Bhairav Temple and Ahilya Temple situated nearby in the same courtyard. Other Temples of note are the 17th century Temple of Brahmayani and the Krishna Narayan Temple at the Triveni Ghat. Panauti is the oldest and most interesting sights which one must visit the place.

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