Mahendra Cave

Location: Pokhara

Length: 200m

Geology: Pleistocene Limestone

Coordinates: 28°16’17”N 83°58’47”E

Mahendra Cave is located in the Kaski District of Nepal. It is Located near Pokhara. It is the large Limestone Cave. This Cave was discovered in the late 1950s. The cave attracts thousands of Tourist every year. It is in the Western Region of Nepal. It is one thousand one hundred metres above the sea level.

The Mahendra Cave is a Natural Tunnel which is provided with artificial lighting systems. Bulbs are used so that the visitors can visit it without any difficulty. But one has to take a torch light with them just in case the electricity goes off. Mahendra Cave is rich for its rock types and different stones that Glitters when a beam of light is Striked in it. This natural formation is to see not to strike with sharp digging objects. This snap features the internal natural tunnel of the Mahendra Cave.

This cave consist of big boulders of rock and the tunnel leads to different places like Kali River but at present many of the tunnels are blocked by huge boulders of rock. A ten minute walk from the Mahendra cave leads to Bat’s Cave. Pokhara has several Caves and all these Caves are home to the nocturnal flying Dracula known as the bat. Many of people come to visit the place. It is a place which attracts many of Tourists every year.


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