Country: Nepal

Zone: Gandaki

District: Gorkha

Coordinates: 28.29°N 84.78°E

Laprak lies in the Gorkha District of Nepal. It is situated in the Gandaki Zone. The Laprak is the most wounderful, heavenly and existing remote area. The village is one hundred twenty five northwest of Kathmandu and sixty five kilometer northwest of Gorkha headquarters. The village is predominantly home to the Gurung community, an ethnic group that comprises nearly 3.5 million people spread across the rugged terrain of western Nepal. Gurungs have their own Language and Traditions and are known in Nepal as being particularly strong and brave. Traditionally they work as sheep and goat herders, but for the last two hundred years many have been serving in the Britist Gurkha Regiment and now others work as Mountain guides and Trekking porters.

Laprak is one of the picturesque villages in Nepal. It lucked into the tap of Giant Himalayan Mountains which were formed nearly fifty million years ago. The village is predominantely home to the Gurung community. Gurungs have their own language and Traditions and are known in Nepal as being particularly strong and brave. Laprak will be the starting point for those who want to Trek to Manaslu Base Camp. The Laprak Gurung village is own their Gurung Language and culture, Traditional and the houses is made by whole stone and the roof tops is covered by wood. The villagers are mainly sources of independent with their agriculture and farming the field. They celebrate many festivals like Buddha Jayanti, Ghatu Dance, Lhosar, Tihar, Dashain, Maghesakkranti, Chewarar, Ahaun, Rodhi etc.

The Laprak Gurung village is major Tourist Area of the Manaslu Region. There is surrounding, satellite by green forest and national flower, blossom of a plant like Rhododendron and other ever green shrub. The terraced hillsides seem to climb to sky. Many interesting ethnic groups a mixed of lifestyle offer one a glimpse into real Nepali life and this gives one an opportunity to observe the rich Nepalese cultural Traditional from the closest quarter and intermingle with locals, hence giving one a sense of satisfaction.


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