Bindyabasini Temple

Country: Nepal

Zone: Gandaki

District: Kaski

Coordinates: 28°15’50”N 83°58’20”E

Bindhyabasini Temple is one of the most popular and well known Temple in Pokhara. It is situated in the laps of Machhapuchhare and Annapurna ranges. This Temple lies in the north of Pokhara. The white pagoda styled building of the Hindu Bindabasini Temple quietly sits at some 3000 feet above sea level. It is located near the busy Old Bazaar of Pokhara, a center of commerce in the Himalayas. Bindabasini Temple is of great religious importance to Hindus living in the Pokhara region. It is a vital hub of religious fervor.

The Temple itself is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga, who is Pokhara’s chosen guardian deity. Durga, also known as Shakti or Kali has numerous manifestations and at the Bindabasini temple she is seen as Bhagwati, a blood thirsty aspect of the goddess. Durga appears in the form of a Saligram. A Saligram, according to Hindu mythology is a propitious stone. It is said that the temple was created after the goddess ordered king Khadag Bum Malla to set up her statue here. The Bindabasini Temple was then founded in BS 1845. Since its establishment, Bhagwati has been an object of worship here on a daily basis. Animal sacrifices are typically presented at the temple on Saturdays and Tuesdays. The Hindu festival of Dashain sees large numbers of believers coming to offer sacrifices at Bindabasini temple. Indeed, there is little space for tourist during the festival of Dashain. One of the most popular and most visited of these is the intriguing Bindabasini Temple. Standing proudly atop a hill, this striking temple looks calmly over the bustling city of Pokhara. Thus, the statue was made over there and worshipped by many religious people, especially Hindus coming from India as well. It is locally said that the statue was brought from Bindhyachal Mountain, because of which the name is Bindhabasini. Besides Bindhabasini, there are other images of Hindu deities which give a complete religious environment.

The original structure of Bindabasini Temple is surrounded by a park like landscape. Many come here to enjoy pleasant picnics whilst enjoying the amazing panorama. Spectacular views can be absorbed from this marvelous vantage point which looks out over the town of Pokhara and takes in some of the impressive Himalayas. It adds the peaceful atmosphere. A visit to Bindabasini Temple can be combined with a stroll through the Old Bazaar. Nearby is also the popular holiday leisure spot of Phewa Lake. Located at the foot of the hill on which Bindabasini Temple stands is the roadway to Sarangkot, another popular lookout point. It is a place where Tourists are mostly attracted in the festivals. Tourists enjoy the nature as well as the place. Bindabasini Temple is also one of the tourist destinations in Nepal.



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