Begnas Lake

Country: Nepal

Zone: Gandaki

District: Kaski

Surface area: 3.28 sq km

Lake type: Fresh water

Coordinates: 28°10’26.2”N 84°05’50.4”E

Begnas Lake is the lake which is situated in the Pokhara. It is town in Kaski District. The lake is second lake after Phewa Lake. Begnas Lake resides at an altitude of 650 m. The surface area of the lake is 3.28 square kilometer, with an average depth of about 6.6 m and maximum depth of 10 m. The area around Begnas Lake, with a number of resorts, is a popular destination for Tourists visiting Pokhara. The water from the lake is used for irrigation and some parts of the lake are used as caged fisheries. The Begnas lake area has a number of swampy areas around it, many of which are still being converted to paddy fields gradually.


Begnas Lake is the second largest lake of Pokhara Valley. Tucked away at an altitude of 650 meters, this lake is located in the Siswa village on the eastern part of Pokhara and is 13 km away from the city of Pokhara. Spread across a total area of three square km. The lake has a capacity of 29.05 million cubic meters. The northern and western parts of the Begnas Lake are relatively deeper than the eastern and southern parts.

Pokhara is popular in its lakes with crystal clear. The word ‘Pokhara’ means the valley of the lakes and the word is a direct derivation of ‘Pokhari’ which literally means a lake. Apart from Begnas Lake, the other lakes which are some of the major Tourist Attractions in Pokhara are Phewa, Rupa, Maidi, Khaste, Gunde, Dipang and Kamal Pokhari inside the valley. The Begnas Lake area is composed of slate and phyllite zone with beds of calcareous conglomerate and gravel deposits. The vegetation here is different in comparison with that of the other parts of Pokhara. The major species on the southern aspect of the hills on the northern part of the Begnas Lake is Shorea Robuista while the major species of the forest on the northern aspect of the hill lying on the southern part of the lake is Schima Castonopsis. Dense forest characterizes the northern and southern part of the lake whereas there is cultivation on the eastern part and fishery project on the western part. The lake water is drained out by Khudi Khola from the western part.
The forest area is rich with diversity of flora and fauna. The forest surrounding the Begnas Lake in Pokhara is home to more than one hundred fifty species of avian species. The northern part of the lake is best site for spotting water fowls. The forest is also home to mammal species including leopards. The one can find some endangered species of plants and animals. The one can enjoy boating and fishing in Begnas Lake. And can also travel to the nearby villages by hiring a boat for the whole day.


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