Country: Nepal
District: Tanahun District
Zone: Gandaki
Government type: Municipality
Coordinates: 27°56’N 84°25’E
Elevation: 1030m

Bandipur is located at an elevation of 1030m on a mountain saddle. It is 143 km to the west of Kathmandu and 80 km to the east of Pokhara. After Bandipur had been conquered by Prithivinarayan shah in 1768, it was established as a funneling point of Trade by Newar traders. Bandipur has been upgraded as one of the municipalities of Nepal, previously it was proposed municipality. Dharmapani VDC was merged with Bandipur to upgrade it to the municipality. Bandipur has increasingly been coming to the attention of Tourism.

Bandipur, today is settled by a variety of Nepali ethnicities with different beliefs; the Bahuns, the chhetries , the newars, the Damais, kamis, sarkis, Kasais, the Magars and Gurungs. Bandipur is an interesting Tourist site from which a few guesthouses and a hotel at the northern end of the Tundikhel try to benefit. The various Newari and Magar festivals, which until recently have been held for their own purposes several times a year, can be of interest to Tourists. The other Tourist attraction of Bandipur include the Bindyabashini Temple, Thani mai, Tindhara, Raniban, the downside trek to the Siddha cave and hike to Ramkot village. It is a fantastic example of traditional Newari culture, and the town itself seems completely untouched by modernisation. The hilltop town not only overlooks the incredible expanse of the Marsyanngdi river valley, but also offers a breathtaking sweep of the Himalayan range.

The place names around Bandipur indicate that the surrounding region, known as Tanahun. It was originally inhabited by magars, whose chieftains ruled numerous principalities of today’s Nepal. When Prithvi Narayan Shah of Gorkha set out to expand his dominion, Tanahun was a powerful adversary which was overcome only with a hard fight. In 1768, Gorkha king completed his conquest of Kathmandu valley, many of its Newar inhabitants fanned out to establish trading posts in the hills. Bhaktapur traders begain to trade between an increasingly mercantile British Indian and the Himalayan hinterland. Bandipur served as a funneling point where all trails from central Nepal (and Tibet to the north) joined to head southward, crossing the great Narayani river and the Chitwan jungle to reach the Indian railhead of Narkatia Ganj.

Bandipur, a pleasant and charming hill town is situated on a hill chest, that offer a magnificant view of central Nepal Himalayas and the Marshyangdi valley. It is the ideal spot for travelers to take a lunch break, simply gaze at the enchanting mountain views. Bandipur village resort is located at the starting of the ancient Newari town is known as the Bandipur bazaar. The one stay in Bandipur Village Resort is the ideal choice to experience the peace and tranquility of timelessness.

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