Anna Lifan Bike Prices in Nepal


Anna Lifan Bike Prices in Nepal

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Anna Lifan 150GY-5

Annapurna Lifan Company are the authorized dealer who import Lifan bikes with Lifan Group of China and sell the bikes as Anna Lifan all over Nepal. Anna Lifan bike are not much popular in Nepalese market. We can get Anna Lifan Scooty, Bike and dirt bikes that were lunched in Nepal. There are five models of Anna Lifan Bikes running in the road of Nepal: Anna Lifan 150GY-5, Anna Lifan Super R AL 100-9A, Anna Lifan GN AL 125-7, Anna Lifan AL 125T-9 and Anna Lifan GY200.

Here we present you various models of Anna Lifan Bikes that available in Nepalese market with their Prices. Use the Slider below to browse all Anna Lifan Bikes.

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